Missing Cat

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Still no sign of Tessa. I visited the archives and photocopied a leaflet to deliver to local houses. In the afternoon I visited the SPCA Animal Haven to see if she had been delivered there. They had not seen her and dryad had already reported in as missing that morning.

For the rest of the day I worked on promoting items at the Australian store.

No discussion group tonight. Apparently the Spring Concert at S. Margaret’s last weekend counts as a substitute.

I walked around the block and delivered leaflets:



Walking down Farquharson Street I saw a cat like Tessa. I could not confirm this because it would not let me come close even as I called it. It disappeared under the hedges and I could not follow it.

Lawful Good Half-Elf Ranger Cleric?!

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I noticed a link on Noinden Tain’s journal. Having a fondness for Dungeons and Dragons when I was younger I didn’t resist trying the test.

[Update] The link is broken and I have removed it.  Sorry if you have come looking to find out what Dungeons and Dragons character you are.  If you find the quiz before I do, leave a comment. Thanks.

The results:

Lawful Good and proud of it! The one true alignment, accept no alternatives! Goodness and Law are guiding influences in my life. This is in contrast to my flatmate crypt who favours Chaotic Neutrality – random choice free from moral obligations.

Half-Elf!? After a brief reaction I realised this made sense. Neither one thing nor another, neither immortal elf nor mortal human, instead someone pulled between both groups. A third-culture person, born in one group and raised in another, at home and foreign in both societies, pulled between two worlds. I am not a third culture person, although I find the concept intriguing. Elf and Human were second and third on points – Halfling was one of the lowest, less than zero!

Primary Class
Ranger. I’ve never played one, so I can’t comment. I’m not a hunter, I don’t live off the land, I’m not ‘in tune with nature’. I choose to live in small cities where facilities are available to me, and the interaction with other PCs are available if I want to take that choice. Maybe part of this reflects my preferred weapons in a fight – staff and knife. The medieval re-enactor is coming out in me. (The worst weapon in a fight? Magic. Too tricky, it could turn against the user, it cheats.)

Secondary Class
Cleric. I don’t know about secondary classes. I think they were introduced after I stopped playing. (Long story involving why religion is a bad thing – I would like to start playing again before I get too middle-aged, I haven’t found a D&D group I want to join yet.) Cleric makes sense for a person like me. Someone who stands facing the god, living before the Presence.

Mielikki, Lady of the Forest, Neutral Good goddess of the autumn, her sign is the unicorn’s head. Oookay, this would make sense if my choice of deity in real-life wasn’t YHWH, an intellectualised version of the patriarchal god of the reformed Christian tradition. If I lay aside my monotheism then the Lady who maintains the good balance in nature on the warm golden afternoons of autumn (my favourite time of the year) makes good sense. After autumn, winter, and the promise of renewal.

Thx to Noinden for the link.

Michaelmass season


There is still no sign of Tessa. I believe she is no longer on the property and may be somewhere between here and Sanctuary – I hope not. As she is missing I now must take actions to find her. I walked around the block today and saw no sign of her. I will do a leaflet drop and see if that draws any news. It’s an unhappy situation.

In between worrying about cats I have continued to work on the stores: checking recent updates; reducing the size of overly large images; and adding new items. Next is promoting items on the Australian store. I was left alone with this work after the #griffler chatroom on irc.newnet.net split and I did not return to the others.

Felicity came for me at 2:30 and we went into town with Robert. We visited the University Printery and made copies of photos we had selected for the book. Then we went for coffee and chips at the Tip-Top cafe.

Jackson visited in the evening and took away a desk that might prove suitable for supporting his computer. That has left a space in the corner of the living room. Joe has discovered why we had it there. It was convenient to put a mug on for a person sitting at the end of the sofa. I have put Tao’s sheepskin in that space.

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I spoke to dryad last night on the phone. Nobody has phoned her to say that they have discovered a black longhaired cat wearing a name tag with a Waitati phone number on it. Dryad is not alarmed. When they all moved out to Sanctuary Tessa disappeared for 48 hours while she inspected her new territory. She will come home when she is hungry. I hope she knows that her home is Signal Hill Road and she is not on her way to Sanctuary.

The other two cats, Tao and Fremen are more happy and peaceable now that the pressure of space has eased off. Tao has been outside now and in this relapse into an Indian winter she has decided that she would prefer to sit on my monitor where it is warm. Tao and Fremen share many of the same character traits which I find amusing. A happy cat is the one who can find the higher position to survey the other.

Dr John Stenhouse, a lecturer in the history department at the university of Otago, preached at Opoho church today. He refered to one understanding of the love of God that I share: God loves us the way we are, and too much to allow us to remain in that state. I participated in the music group, with which I sing once a month, and organised the tea after the service.

A friend has loaned me two grammars on Melanesian Pidgin, and a New Testament in Tok Pisin. I spent the afternoon browsing them for details and making notes on the computer.

Dryad rang back in the evening and she was surprised that Tessa has not turned up again due to the inclement weather. I will inform her when she does. I am beginning to worry that she has fled.

We watched Sister Wendy’s American Collection which I had recorded on Saturday night, and later an edition of a business news programme Momentum.

Big Blue Room

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It was normal for a Saturday for being simply busy. I listened to the last episode of Monster Music on Meridian at nine o’clock. They visited three international English-speaking schools in the Netherlands, Latvia and Switzerland and listened to their interpretation of ‘monster music’. Then I left and walked into town to the gym. I had a good workout and came home again, arriving home at half past twelve which gave me half an hour to have some toast before I went to music practice at church. I had not heard from Harry, although being an alternative week it was likely that Majellan was on. We decided to let the cats out for their first experience of the grounds.

I returned from music practice to meet Joe at the gate. Harry had rang. It was time to go to Majellan. No one else turned up and we had a successful adventure where everyone survived – despite having been stripped down to our underwear by a primitive tribe of humans.

When we got home it took us about half an hour to get Tao inside at sunset. She treated it as a game. There is no sign of Tessa. We have looked over the section until it was dark. I don’t know how far she could have roamed during the day. Mike has not seen her since she went out. Oh, dear.

Late at night we heard cats fighting underneath the house. That can only be a good sign.

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Fremen came in this morning and she and Tao touched noses. Wow! The feline entente continues. Joe tells me that last night he heard a meow and went outside to check the porch. He turned around and saw a dark creature scuttling up the path. Fortunately for him Tessa is not fast. Fremen or Tao would have been harder to catch. He thinks she might have turned into the play centre driveway if she had gone further.

He has been downloading a version of Mandrake linux for David so the system has been a little slow. When he stopped it to allow the network to speed up for me he had made 1.7 disks out of 3 in total.

All the big images on the New Zealand store have been reduced in size to under 50kb. For the rest of the time I have been organizing the catagories on the Australian store. Rribbitt now has my bank details so maybe I will see some profits come my way soon.

Wonderful article at the New Zealand Listener about being Writer in Residence at the Dunedin College of Education by David Hill, Guest scarfie.

A flyer came through the mail for Jenny Hair Art: Dunedin’s newest and most luxurious hair salon. I’m sure one of the clients in the photos is someone I know: Lynley Trounson, one of the Hewitson Library staff at Knox College.

Joe and I went down to the supermarket just after five. We put a pizza in the oven when we got home. Before we could do anything else my ride to the Friendlink Spring Concert at St Margaret’s College had arrived. It was an enjoyable event. I saw Robert there and sat with David Corner, an advocate for intellectually disabled people who has a mild disability himself. We meet occasionally to go to movies. It was an enjoyable concert with the St Margaret’s Choir, various musical pieces, a trombonist, and a magician. There was a good supper to follow which made up for being late for my tea.

I got home at nine o’clock. There was some pizza left for me to finish. Joe and I endulged in some ice cream while we watched a Kylie Minogue concert on TV and then Is Harry on the Boat?.

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Cats seem to be settling in. Fremen has been encouraged to come into the main part of the house. She doesn’t like seeing the other two cats there and she is still hostile to them. She is not happy with me.

I finished looking at items from Dove, deleting several that I could not see on their latest stock list. After that I went back to looking at items on the NZ store – reducing the size of the images by smoothing and reducing the quality. Three pages of items done.

We made two sales today. One was our first second-time customer!

A friend told me that she had ordered a new computer through a PC firm that then went under. She had to ring the bank and ask them to dishonour her cheque. Better to lose $10 in a dishonouring fee than $1500 for a computer she won’t receive.

Joe is going to be unbearable for the next month. He took a bill into the university on Tuesday for the work that he has done for them and they have yet to honour it. They pay their bills on the twentieth of the month. If the cheque does not come soon he will be without income until the twentieth of October.

After I had been to the gym I arrived late for the Tai Chi class at Dunedin North Intermediate. There was no one there! I was quarter of an hour late and the library was dark. I think it could be because school holidays have started. That means there won’t be any classes for two weeks.

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