I noticed a link on Noinden Tain’s journal. Having a fondness for Dungeons and Dragons when I was younger I didn’t resist trying the test.

[Update] The link is broken and I have removed it.  Sorry if you have come looking to find out what Dungeons and Dragons character you are.  If you find the quiz before I do, leave a comment. Thanks.

The results:

Lawful Good and proud of it! The one true alignment, accept no alternatives! Goodness and Law are guiding influences in my life. This is in contrast to my flatmate crypt who favours Chaotic Neutrality – random choice free from moral obligations.

Half-Elf!? After a brief reaction I realised this made sense. Neither one thing nor another, neither immortal elf nor mortal human, instead someone pulled between both groups. A third-culture person, born in one group and raised in another, at home and foreign in both societies, pulled between two worlds. I am not a third culture person, although I find the concept intriguing. Elf and Human were second and third on points – Halfling was one of the lowest, less than zero!

Primary Class
Ranger. I’ve never played one, so I can’t comment. I’m not a hunter, I don’t live off the land, I’m not ‘in tune with nature’. I choose to live in small cities where facilities are available to me, and the interaction with other PCs are available if I want to take that choice. Maybe part of this reflects my preferred weapons in a fight – staff and knife. The medieval re-enactor is coming out in me. (The worst weapon in a fight? Magic. Too tricky, it could turn against the user, it cheats.)

Secondary Class
Cleric. I don’t know about secondary classes. I think they were introduced after I stopped playing. (Long story involving why religion is a bad thing – I would like to start playing again before I get too middle-aged, I haven’t found a D&D group I want to join yet.) Cleric makes sense for a person like me. Someone who stands facing the god, living before the Presence.

Mielikki, Lady of the Forest, Neutral Good goddess of the autumn, her sign is the unicorn’s head. Oookay, this would make sense if my choice of deity in real-life wasn’t YHWH, an intellectualised version of the patriarchal god of the reformed Christian tradition. If I lay aside my monotheism then the Lady who maintains the good balance in nature on the warm golden afternoons of autumn (my favourite time of the year) makes good sense. After autumn, winter, and the promise of renewal.

Thx to Noinden for the link.