Only myself at home last night. I endulged in buying a small tv dinner at the supermarket for my meal – beef and cashew nuts. Tasty, but this morning I felt like eating something. While I listened to an article on Meridian about a piano competition in Leeds I had some toast before I went to the gym. A friend stopped me on the way. He asked if my cat had come back. As he lives a few doors down from me he was one of the houses that got a leaflet after she disappeared. In truth I received more inquiries after dryad had returned her than before while she was missing!

The cats were pleased to see me when I got home. Both Tao and Fremen can be trusted outside while nobody is at home. Tessa will be housebound for another week. I think Tao can have her curfew lifted now. She can go out at nights. She was outside last night while I was at the supermarket. The cheeky thing wouldn’t stay inside when I left and she was very pleased to see me when I returned. Fremen doesn’t know what to do when Tao and Tessa curl up happy in the good positions and she is spending more time out of the house.

A letter has come for Joe. It looks like his long-overdue invoice from the University for the work he has done for them. I hope it is good news – and a cheque.

Mike is home again, and he is totally exhausted. He has been cutting wood all day with a chainsaw.

I sat in front of the computer in the afternoon and began writing notes on Zelandish, one of my created languages, on my wiki pages. It took several hours and keep me out of mischief.

I defrosted and heated a pizza for my tea and adjusted the clocks for daylight saving before going to bed. I’m still reading the Annotated Hobbit and I started on Naomi Klein’s No Logo as well.