Snow, again! In spring! A particularly cold snap. Tao was keen to snuggle under the blankets this morning. When I let Fremen outside she showed interest in going out herself. There was a phone call while I was shaving – Opoho’s trip out to join with Waikouaiti at church was cancelled. Presumably the highway was closed. There was no service at Opoho. I decided that I would go down the hill at eleven o’clock and join the Methodists at Glenaven on Chambers Street. I was glad I did, it was World Communion Sunday. The preacher used a liturgy from the Disciples of Christ in USA. He spoke on the importance of an open table, comparing to the official Catholic position which excludes the gaiety, the remarried divorcees, all who are non-Catholic. I am reminded that catholic comes from a Greek phrase: kata holon, ‘through the wholeness.’ It was a liberal service in the traditional sense – generous, progressive, and inclusive. I disagreed with the preacher who place liberalism at the centre of Christianity, rather it is on the margins of the church. That is where it should be pressing outwards, pioneering beyond our comfort zones, standing with others excluded from the mainstream.

When I got home Tessa darted out the door. Bother! I thought to myself! She did not come back when I called. If she does not come in, that’s it! She can go back to Sanctuary! After half an hour – and several flurries of snow she was at the door demanding to be let in. She knows the way home now. She can be free to go in and out now if she wants.

It’s not real snow. Dunedin doesn’t get cold enough for water to crystalise. It’s more sleety. I don’t think I have ever seen real snow. Even so, this stuff cold enough for me, thank you!

The rest of the day I spent working on translating the Canticle of the Creatures by Saint Francis of Assisi into Zelandish, one of my created languages. I put up the Canticle and my notes on my wiki pages. Very satisfying.

Mike went out to Folk Club at five o’clock. When I finished my work for the day I made a simple meal – a small can of meat and beans mixed up with some mixed veg. I heated it in the microwave, and ate it, followed by some ice cream, while I watched videos on C4. I turned it off and did the dishes when they played Move your body by Robbie Williams – just too icky for my taste!