Sermon today was taken from the Book of Job. We cannot know why God allows suffering. We can know that God has suffered, and God stands beside us in our suffering. We are not alone.

I spent the rest of the day at home. Both Fremen and Tao are a little weezy at the moment. I turned the heater on while I worked on the computer in the study. The combination of a warm heater and a sunny day meant both of them were quite happy sitting in close proximity to each other. Tessa prefers to stay in Joe’s room curled up on his bed, from which he removes her every night. On Friday night Tessa slept on my bed. Fremen was most disconcerted by this.

Lasagna for tea, not bad, a little gloppy. Mike is having an offlist discussion with a fellow-member of a Catholic list about infallibility. He tells us that he has been accused of heresy by this fellow. We are all amused.

In the evening Joe and I watched The Mummy Returns. It was entertaining, although we did not find it as good as the orginal movie, The Mummy. This one repeated a lot of the same humour. Now we will just have to wait for The Scorpion King to come on tv.