Today was a slower start than normal for a Saturday. I went to the church to do cleaning duty: vacuum the carpet; dust things; brush the floor. Somebody had smashed one of the panes of glass in the cabinet/notice-board by the main doors. After I had rang the convener of the property and finance committee, I made sure that it had been cleaned away.

After that the rest of the day was free. It is an ‘even’ week, Harry is out of town, there was no session of Majellan this week. I went to the gym at lunchtime. Two of the clients there were discussing buying the older equipment from Les Mills, which was about to be sold off, and furnishing their own gym. Returning home a friend gave me a ride through town.

I made sure to pick up another can of beetroot at the supermarket. We had some last week when we made burgers for tea. I consider it a delicious condiment in sandwiches. Spot the Kiwi! The rest of the day was fine for arsing about on computers and sitting in the sun.

Later in the evening I watched a couple of things I had taped during the week. The first was the MTV Awards. I taped this for Gollum’s acceptance speech – very funny. The entire award ceremony was an overlong puerile advertisement. A weird combination of the puritanical and the potty-mouthed. A lot of the comedy depended on the repetition of swear words, yet every time the word fuck was censored. It got tiresome. Thank god for the fast-forward button.

Shackleton was less censorious in its use of language. It was the repeat of the second parter in a two part serious based on Ernest Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Gobsmacking gorgious scenary of Arctic ice floes (it was filmed in the Arctic), and a wonderful performance of the title role by Kenneth Brannagh. A adulterer and self-aggrandiser – he is also a man to be relied upon to ensure that his team survives in desparate situations. Much of the characterisation, like the landscape, is below the surface.