Today was a day for adding CD writers to the Australian store from Multimedia Technologies. It was a slow warm day and I got through seven items. I expected Felicity at half past two, but she was delayed and didn’t arrive until closer to three. We had nothing to discuss so we took Robert to the Warehouse and Felicity bought us ice creams. We sat in the sun out of the wind and chatted for a while.

It was half past four when I got home. I changed into shorts and a gaudy old silk shirt that I inherited off my dead twin brother some years ago. He loved bright clashing clothing. I carried on working until tea time at six.

Just on sunset some girls came to look at the flat for next year. They thought it had potential, although I don’t think they looked at it particularly closely, at where the floor is slumping and the door frames are distorting. They asked if it was easy to heat. I said the doors needed to be kept closed. One of them asked Joe if he was Cat’s uncle. It wasn’t until they left that I realised that she meant Joe’s neice Catherine Anderson who is currently studying in Dunedin.