I worked through the CDROMs at Multimedia today, updating and replacing older items. At the end of the day I was ready to start on DVD drives.

The passage of the day was strange as I was reading email from the Conlang List as squabble broke out over my role in a shared world project that I participated in. I was instrumental in founding it and I left the project after I became disillusioned with it. It still continues on with other participants. It was weird watching the debate take place as most of them were unaware that I was following it blow by blow. I am upset that a private email I wrote to one person after I left the project has now been made public. It is not my wish that it should be. It is all out of my hands now.

I went to the gym. On the way I visited to rental property agents. A lot of places in the residential parts of Dunedin don’t seem to want people with cats. Now I have three. I was offered one place in Kaikorai Valley opposite the school. I think that it should prove to be too far out from the centre of town for us to accept.

The warm weather seems to have made Tao bouncy. I watched her running along the verandah of the house. Fremen ran after her. Tao darted into the doorway. Fremen ran around the bay windows and nearly went headfirst into Tessa. Tessa is feeling a little disconcerted this evening.

We were up until half past one in the morning comparing the available flats that were listed on a sheet from Robertsons Real Estate.