Lots of activity yesterday. I’m still working on DVDs from Multimedia. I had to ring the Mission Resource Team Co-Director to get his email so I could get the minutes from last night circulated. Opoho’s Parish Clerk rang to ask about how the meeting went. A real estate agent rang to ask me for some details. At half past three a man came to change the meter. Soon after that I went to the gym.

I did not go to Tai Chi tonight as I wanted to pay bills and did not want to spend any extra money.

Joe is grumpy because nobody has done the dishes before tea. He normally dries and puts dishes away, but he expects somebody to do them. Tessa actually jumped up on his desk and sat on his keyboard last night. A remarkable achievement for her, normally she takes a more circumspect route to climb up onto a deskspace.

I need to write something about my political orientation because I have been thinking where my opnions lie recently – especially in relation to the politics in ill Bethisad. Now is not the time though.