Apparently Whitestar, which is Griffler Enterprises’ box based in Dunedin is down. No mail, no access to the online stores. I have no work I can continue on with today. Ian and Tracy are coming into town from Otematata to salvage Whitestar. Joe is waiting for them to turn up, but they are late due to the bad weather slowing them down from coming into the city.

When they arrived we introduced them to our new cats, Tao and Tessa. Ian’s comment was ‘This is Tao and these three cats are Tessa’. Tessa’s not a big cat but she is a longhaired cat who looks ‘explosive’ in size.

After they had left I decided to go to the gym. It was a hard workout as it had been less than 24 hours since my last workout and my body had not fully recovered.

It was late in the afternoon when the others returned. They were all tired. Whitestar was up and running again. My email was coming down the line again, beeping at me every few minutes while I was writing up notes on my Wiki pages about Brithenig. Some notes I wrote in the Wellington Library about Welsh folklore when I visited Nick last year; and a historical timeline I sketched out from a book I read earlier this year.

The whole “Elves and ill Bethisad” debate has led me to think that it is about time I returned to the Ill Bethisad Shared World Project and resumed the guardianship of Kemr north of the Severn after two years away from that project. I feel consternation about the whole thing. The turning point has been a near flamewar between two fellow conlangers who hold opposing views on how Kemr and ill Bethisad should develop, or should have developed. Can I steer a middle way? I don’t know.

Everyone came back at five o’clock. They were tired. Tracy and Ian dropped Joe and myself off at the Otago Museum so we could go and see the dinosaurs on display there. We decided not to go into the display, but rather we will come back on Sunday and spend the afternoon there then.

We walked home again and then made our way down the hill to the supermarket for our weekly supplies. We watched the grand challenge on this season’s final episode of Scrapheap Challenge, and CSI. I was still working on the computer into the evening. Joe is grumpy with me because I did not give him a call for Is Harry on the Boat.