Gym in the morning. I was better prepared for this workout. I have lost quarter of a kilo in the seven weeks since I last weighed myself.

On the way home I met a friend who told me there is a theatre in Wellington that will have ten hour sessions of Lord of the Rings after the third movie comes out. They will have breaks between movies. The alternative, I suggested, would be to provide the audience with catheters.

I have just seen a private correspondence from one of the protagonists in the “Elves and ill Bethisad” debate to another. It is time that I spoke out.

Harry rang soon after. After Joe had a shower we headed around to there. We were late, but we weren’t the last to arrive for this session of Majellan. We survived this session, and even found food and drink. It’s a little scary to know that our characters are in the company of people that our pursuers, the farquar, fear. After we finished we stayed for tea: fish cakes, a roast chicken, and a lovely salad, followed by ice cream, rubarb pudding and a jam pie. We watched Dark City and the original Dune movie, not the version the Sci-Fi channel produced a couple of years ago. Joe and I had a marathon session in the kitchen washing dishes for Harry and Richelle.

There is a good chance that next week could be another odd week, so that Majellan sessions are in sync with all the players. We have one member we haven’t seen in a couple of months.