A public holiday, although much of town was open for part of the day. I went to the gym. I was happy with the workout. They have started new forms to record progress and they are different in format to the old forms. I walked through the shops on the way home seeing if I could pick up a cheap small teapot. Maybe another time. While walking through the Meridian Mall I went to Whitcoulls. Hardback editions of Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett are coming down in price, and Monstrous Regiment has been released. Tempting!

I know I have to write to the people involved in the “Bethisad” debate on the Conlang list. It took me all day to write what I had to say. I have to make peace with the people involved. I will have to be the one to eat humble pie. I’m ready to do this.

A friend from the Presbyterian School of Ministry at Knox College had left a call to me when I got home. She wanted to know about how the combined meeting of the North End churches went on Wednesday. She is writing a report about it for one of the staff at the School about the history of the unification among the North End churches.

Harry visited in the afternoon. He had been to a barbeque up the road from us. No wonder it’s raining! We drank tea and huddled in front of the heater in the study. He hopes that Joe will help him to convert his computer from Debian to Novell, which he is more familiar with. We showed him the Brithenig pages and he was impressed with them. If I wanted to create some imaginary languages for Majellan then I am free to do so. He took us for a ride around town to look at prospective flats for next year. There is one that we like in Mornington. The problem is that it becomes available a month before our current lease expires. We hope that it will remain available.