The Bethisad debate is over. A balance has been reached. I have managed to create a friendship with both sides, if not with each other. That will hold for now. I will return to active participation in ill Bethisad and continue my correspondence with Jörg. It fills me with a sense of relief that is palpable.

Ian and Tracy had not returned home yesterday. I was very lazy and did a couple of items from the DVD stand at Multimedia Technology and spent a lot of time in between just browsing, looking at things on the net. It did not help that overnight the house was draughty enough that Mike shut his door while Fremen was inside his room. At three o’clock in the morning Joe, who was still up, let her out because she was scratching on the door. She came through to me, but did not stay long as Tao was curled up on my bed. She wandered through the house and eventually I had to get up and put her back into Mike’s room.

Tessa has yet to be groomed to get the knots out of her fur. Both Joe and I brush her. When she gets impatient with me I allow her to take it out on my hand. Some of the scratches are deep. Joe tells me I should not let her do that.

The leader of the National Party, Bill English, has been voted out of the leadership by his caucus in favour of his deputy, Don Brash. The National Party is broadly right-wing in New Zealand. While I have definate left-wing sympathies – a sort of pastel red – I don’t think this is a good move. English is a Catholic family man from Dipton – quite the stick in the mud. Brash, the now-retired chairman of the Treasury Bank, and a Presbyterian like myself, is known for favouring dry new-right financial policy. I don’t see this as a good thing. Fortunately the National Party is our leading opposition party this term, and not in government.

Joe is sympathetic with the idea that we could consider Keith Duthy as a third flatmate for next year. When Mike finishes at Library School he could leave Dunedin – although he is applying for a position at the Dunedin Public Library. He is keen about the move. I don’t know yet. If he did get this position and we continued flatting with Mike then I would consider this arrangement stable and our household should look toward buying a house to share. He would be the first one in our household to have a permanent income. On the other hand I would like to gain some space in my relationships with others that I feel I don’t have while I continue flatting with him.

In the everning Mike and I went to Friend-Link Discussion Group. Lisa collected us in the Naphtali van because it was raining. They discussed how they can find new friends for their clients. They have 80 people waiting on their books and after 11 years since the closure of Cherry Farm Felicity and Lisa have run out of ideas to encourage people to volunteer. Felicity has visited my webpages and looked at my stuff on Brithenig and the Uniting Church, which is nice. She liked reading them.