I checked the updates from Golden Leaf, which was a nice break from DVD drives and all their ilk. That took me most of the day. I finally got one DVD drive up that I had been arsing around with yesterday.

At four o’clock I left to go into the gym. I picked up this week’s list of available rentals from Robertsons. One house has been removed from the list. Others have been added.

I went to Nominations Committee at half past seven. We gave a report of the Combined meeting the week before. Afterwards we talked about proceding with submitting to Presbytery premission to seek and call a new minister, and we talked about compiling a new parish profile for the purpose of calling a minister. Some of us would like to be correct about this call and advertise it in the church papers, rather than just circulate it around the ‘network’. My neighbour across the road, Jenny, who is also on the committee, was sorry to hear that we would be moving out of the parish. I plan to maintain my connections with the parish for 12 months at least, because I am involved in the life of the parish. After that – we’ll see.

The facilitator of the combined meeting had not received the minutes that I had written. Nice of nobody to tell me until a week later! I checked when I got home. Joe and I agree that it did not go through because it was lost when Whitestar crashed. I sent it again.

There was a message from my mother. As usual she wanted me to send in an entry for her to the latest competition on ConcertFM. That is easy as it just involves sending away an email.

The flyer for the Saxman Dance in December is out. PUTTIN ON THE RITZ!

Put on your glad rags & shimmy on over to the Party of the Year!! Our theme this Xmas is the roaring 20s & 30s, so come on all you flappers, mobsters & swingers – get out your zoot suits, flapper dresses, spatz, feathers & pearls and swing the night away with the Saxman!

At the Combined Servicemen’s Club, Prince Albert Road, opposite St Kilda Tavern, Saturday 6th December 8 pm. Tickets from Eugenia 476 1444. Strictly no tickets will be reserved or put aside unless paid for in advance. $12 plus a plate of finger food for supper. Note: no ovens available, so no frozen pizzas, etc!

After I got home and had tea Joe and I watched a couple of DVDs: Babylon 5: Legends of the Rangers, the last of the Babylon 5 Sci-Fi movies that they attempted to with the chance of starting a new series; and an episode from the third season of Enterprise. While we were sitting watching these we each hosted a cat. Fremen curled up on my lap, as usual, and Tao sat in Joe’s.