Finally I have the DVD drives on the Australian stores finished and I can move onto other products. It was mid-afternoon by the time I had completed these and I was beginning to slow down. Time to go out and visit the gym.

On the way I visited Bag End Books. It has been a couple of weeks since I was last in, and during that time, I think I have missed out on ordering some titles I would have otherwise picked up. The treat of the day was that I was able to afford a copy of The Life-Eaters, a hard-back comic by David Brin, adapted and extended from his short-story, Thor meets Captain America, a fantasy set in an alternative history where Nazis use necromancy in the death camps to raise blood-thirsty teutonic gods to aid them in their struggle against the allies. I would have liked it if they had kept the original title but those characters belong to a different franchise.

The gym was busy. Some members notice that it becomes ‘warm’ with the number of people uisng the gym, by which they mean ‘ripe’. This has never affected me when I’m training.

Afterwards I stopped at the 24-hour store. Karin was there. She teased me that I mistook her to my mother as Trudi. It was a friendly tease. I bought a flake noir (a flaky chocolate bar coated in a case of dark chocolate) and a bottle of Pickford’s Saspirilla while I was there. When soda machines were popular when I was much younger we used to like mixing flavours with saspirilla. It blends with anything! Pickfords proved to be a strongly flavoured drink. I would like to try blending it with other drinks.

I went to Tai Chi, the first time in three weeks. A couple of the other students were there, but the teacher wasn’t. I guess with me not turning up for two weeks, and I wasn’t the only one who was missing classes that the classes had become suspended until suitable numbers could turn up.

I went home. Joe made a curry with coconut cream and mince. Later we watched the pilot of a new British series about a investigative military policewoman. I enjoyed it enough that I might watch another episode. Mike came home to tell us that he has found us another option for a flat. He has friends on Frame Street that are moving out of a rental property into their own home. They are in a lease until the end of the year. Our rent will go up by $10 extra a week if we accept it. It could prove to be a better house than this one and it is a good option for Mike and myself, both who have put down roots in the Gardens – Sacred Heart Church for Mike, Opoho for me, the connection with the Presbyterian Archives… There is a problem that we don’t know Mike’s movements after he finishes at Library School, he could stay in Dunedin another year, he may not. He finishes his course in March and graduates in May. After that he will be looking for a library position somewhere in New Zealand, maybe overseas, but I don’t know how he could justify it. Joe is somewhat hostile because he is resistant to paying extra, and he was looking forward to moving out of the North End.