I was up by nine o’clock and wrote yesterday’s journal entry while I listened to an introduction to the Trojans by Berlioz on the radio.

My first visit to the gym for the year took place today. I did not notice the whining from one of the machines until someone pointed it out. Fortunately it was not one that I was using.

Hot dry weather on the way home. The crazy spirit of Christmas bows out as the holiday indolence of summer takes its place. Neither Dionysian cosumerism or an Apollonian work ethic, simply a time to rejuvenate mind and body, a release from an eleven-month puritannical sentence. A friend from church gave me a ride up the hill so I did not drown in sweat.

Now that National Radio as gone FM in Dunedin I preset it onto my stereo. For some strange reason the settings for FM and AM are different plugs on my stereo and I find it fiddly to be changing the aeriel over all the time. I listened to a couple of programmes on both National Radio and Concert FM. Mike arrived home. I was not expecting him until Monday.

After ordering my books yesterday I decided that I wanted to write up a Universal Word Dictionary for Zelandish, the language I used to write my journal in before I started keeping an on-line blog. Just what I needed, another language to write up!

I made tea in the evening: chicken and coconut cream. I looked at some books I have borrowed from Keith while he is out of Dunedin: Shadowrun and the Dungeons and Dragons Players’ Handbook. I made some notes but didn’t get far with character creation.

Tessa came through the window and got jumped by Fremen who was sitting on top of the stereo. It sits on a set of drawers under the window and the only way down and out the door is past it. The squabble, including myself speaking to Fremen, drew Joe from the other end of the house. One of my plants got some of its tops knocked off as Tessa and Fremen faced each other down.

I finished the evening by reading a few chapters of The Paper Canoe by Jean Morris and turned off the light before midnight.