Today’s preacher was originally from the Church of North India. It was an occasion to sit back and appreciate that we don’t usually get evangelical missionary minded sermons at Opoho Church. For the last service of the month we put together a music group to introduce the service. This was the first occasion this year that we put this group together. We did not know until we got together before the service if we had the numbers of musicians left to gather a music group. The singers got up voluntarily at the end of the service to sing the Arohanui Blessing, which can be translated as the Blessing of Great Love:

May the mystery of God enfold us, may the wisdom of God uphold us,
may the fragrance of God be around us,
may the brightness of God surround us,
may the wonder of God renew us, may the loving of God flow through us,
may the peace of God deeply move us,
may the moving of God bring us peace.

The lyrics were written by the New Zealand author Joy Cowley, and the music, called Marlborough Sounds, is rather beautiful.