Inspired by Homer’s Illiad

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Despite the fears of the people organising the charity showing of Troy, the theatre was within 80-90% full. We sat in the middle of a theatre mostly full of university types: Generation tXt, with pop-corn.

It is an indication of how bad the movie was when Archilles met with his mother before joining the Greek fleet. She told him he could remain in Greece, raise a family and be forgotten in a couple of generations; or he could die on the battlefields of Troy and be remembered forever. Brad Pitt turned his profile and put on a deeply thoughtful face. The audience burst out laughing at his furrowed brow.

There were some good performances by others in the movie. Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom managed to look damned sexy in short jackets and sarongs, whereas Pitt was uncomfortable in the costumes. He even managed to make a full frontal as exciting as a day in the office. He was disadvantaged by the script requiring him to emote. If they had portrayed him as beautiful emotionless killing machine all the way through the movie he would have been perfect.

Eric Bana’s Hector is somebody I would like to have beside me in combat. Orlando Bloom’s spoiled and cowardly Paris needed a stronger script. Other actors had fun, including Sean Bean’s Odesseus who looked like he had just stepped out of the showroom of the “Honest Ithacans’ Used Car Lot”. The death of Ajax struck me as endowed with pathos. I half-expected the incidental drumming music as the Greeks jumped out of the wooden horse to turn into the theme music of Mission Impossible. Andromache was more attractive than Helen.

Whitsunday – Pentecost

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Despite the ministrations of cats, and a cortage of cars racing up Signal Hill Road after midnight, I still slept well. I arrived early at church today for the end of the month music service. Distracted I did not get much time to talk to Graeme. He took care of himself. The preacher gave him prayer and he was on his way for a cup of tea and a smoke. The nominations committee met. We should be on the way to make an invitation for a call.

We walked around to Harry’s for a session of Majellan. Walking was a bad choice. The windows test suggested that it wasn’t raining. Once we got outside it proved to be a fine misty rain.

A fun session where we escaped villagers with flaming torches and plastic cutlery. Joe’s new character TRAC proved to be a scary ‘bot carrying too many kinds of metalien infections. We had to flee our base as one virulent infection overran it. Now we have the only surviving source of living silver in the form of a walking giant called Bridge.

I am promised to go out to the movies tonight. We are going to see Troy at a special screening. It was supposed to be a fund-raining exercise for the OUSA debating club. They hire out the biggest theatre in the Hoyts complex for $5 per seat and fill it. Unfortunately it looks like that they have not sold enough tickets for them to meet their deposit. It is unfair. Some people who had been expected to sell tickets have not made the effort. One person left Dunedin for five days to catch up on studies. Other opportunities to sell tickets fell through. I will make the effort to go and take Joe with me.

Royalty and Invasions

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Not a fast moving day at all. This morning I did not want to get up and napped until about ten o’clock. This is a sure sign that I’m not allowing myself enough sleep. I went to music practice at one o’clock.

I received another email from a Brithenig correspondent that I hadn’t heard from in a couple of years. He wanted to know about a Comroig invasion of the Channel Islands in the thirteenth century. It was led by a prince related to the royal family of Kemr. I sent him an email and set about posting some related material on the internet. I was quickly stimied. I couldn’t get onto my website at Griffler Enterprises. I think the staff must be moving my websites onto a new box. I went to my wiki pages on Graveyard. I could not remember my password for that site. I must talk to Joe about it. So I put a list of dates for the monarchs of Kemr and the election results for the 20th Century on the Bethisad Wiki.

I have also sent an email to another correspondent who wanted to know about musical instruments in the Brithenig language.

On the not so good news front eleven schools are announced to be closed in my home town of Invercargill.

Day Five

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No work at the Archives today. After I left last night a cable burnt out in the Hewitson Wing. No lights, no computers, no electronica. It wasn’t up this morning. The working staff of the college planned to cut the power to the whole wing so they could set about making some repairs. The archives staff went down the hill for a cup of coffee at the Garden Seat. I had a hot chocolate and a buttery date scone. We were joined by the Archivist’s partner and their son before they left for gym. We were allowed the day off.

I came home and watched 2001. I can now recommend this movie as it nearly put me to sleep about four times. This must make it one of the best cures for insomnia on the market today. After thirty years the ending still doesn’t make sense.

I remain a fan of 2010, which I have seen twice. I like the Leontov. Compared to the Discovery it is a clunky spaceship in primer coat. That is a starship of which to be proud!

Griffler Enterprises are changing their servers. Jumpgate helped Mike and myself set up our connections for downloading email and internet access. It was a long slow process. Afterwards Joe and I made our way to the supermarket. It proved dearer than we expected. Mike is having problems with his accounts, which does not help kitty. We overspent. I was able to cover it.

Harry rang in the evening. He is planning a Lord of the Rings Marathon at some time. That would be fun. Maybe Queen’s Birthday Weekend. He likes the idea of another round of Titans. He is not sure if Majellan will be meeting this weekend as Brenden is busy. That is unfortunate as I wanted to ask him about PDAs. I may have to pay him a visit in the Commerce Building on campus during the week.

TV watching for a Friday night: the season finale of Serial Killers (want ‘nother season, waaaah!); Star Gate; and a Brenden Fraser movie: Monkeybone. The last I had seen advertised in the back of comics some years ago. I decided to stay up and see how it played. An amusing movie with sets contributed by one of the designers who made Tim Burton famous.

Day Four

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Second frosty morning of winter. I was nervous walking down the hill for the fear of slipping.

I am still thinking about my discussion after the committee meeting last night. It is my fear that the parish council is failing the congregation because it fails to be an open court.

Mike has returned from Invercargill, as expected.

I was playing with Tao and tried to put her on my shoulders. She resisted as I slung her over my head and one claw went into my left earlobe. I knew it was bad as I could hear the skin tearing. I put her down quickly. I let it clot and the bleeding soon stopped. I expect it will take a while for the scratch to heal.

I have bought Raphael from Scribes. This means I now own the complete Damiano Trilogy by RA MacAvoy. I can give Vivien back her copies.

Joe has put me onto a new shell system called Ion under X on Endeavour. I’m getting used to it. It’s going to take me a while to understand all the knobs and twiddles.

Joe and I went to Harry’s for a game evening. We had two games. Joe won the camel game, and Mark won Titans. The second game was fun. It needs an all day session to be appreciated. Mark was going to bring us home when his tire proved to be flat. Harry came out instead.

Day Three

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At the archives today Jane loaned me a dvd of 2001: A Space Odessey. Didn’t that happen a few years ago? I will watch it and see if the ending is comprehensible. I make no promises.

No one home while I was making tea last night. I turned the tv on and watched the request programme on C4. Some of it I could even appreciate. If I was going to request something on a show like that I think it would be Triumph (Can you feel it?) by the Jackson Five. That dates me back further than 2001!

Paid the power bill. Visited Scribes, a local second-hand book shop. They had a copy of Raphael, which meant I would complete this series by RA MacAvoy. The first two I had picked up at the 24 hour book sale. I’ll come back and buy the third volume.

Met an American friend who had been to the book sale. I was on my way to Bag End again. Only one title in today: The Amazing Spiderman. I ordered a back issue of Abadazad No. 1. Back from the gym I ducked into the library again. Turns out one of my favorite authors, Harry Turtledove, has done a Conan novel. Okay, I’ll get that out. Nothing else I wanted.

It was dark when I got home. My heater is still frustrating me. The dial has to be extended right out for the timer to work. That sounds queer but it is true. When I got home after dark tonight the thermostat was on. Grrr.

Outside it was Old Ones cold. The stars were out. There was a mist rising into the air.

I was not long at home. Nominations committee is meeting again tonight. We did not have a quorum, only two representatives of presbytery attended. A new candidate has come forward. We would like a full quorum before we engage in negotiations.

Afterwards I walked home with one member of the committee who wanted to air out the possibility of the Wider Works Committee, whereof I am the last member, and the Adult Study Group, which meets on Sundays after church, working together.

I have managed to scratch a cd of Mozart symphonies. The first of my Classic Composer cds to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Jumpgate transmission detected.

Day Two

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No one at the archives when I arrived. The archivist arrived five minutes later as her car is still in the garage. First her car was in the garage because another car sideswiped her at the Arden Street corner onto Opoho Road a couple of weeks ago; then when she got it back the radiator started overheating. It went back to a garage straight away. Her partner brought her in at the same time as she dropped off their son. The big news in their life is that they have installed special heating in their house that removes condensation. The archivist loves it.

There was a full quota of archives staff today including Tuesday’s volunteers. My quest for indexing continues. Some more magazines emerged out of the woodwork today and I took a break to sort out which ones needed to be kept in the magazine collection and which ones to discard.

Joe is dead keen on his new book from the Regent Sale: Faster than the Speed of Light. He talked about it at length after I got home.

Library books returned. Nothing lept off the shelves and said “Borrow me! Borrow me!”

Curried mince for tea. Could not find the raisins. We need some more. I stayed at home to watch Scrubs and Cold Case. Joe’s brother-in-law rang from Invercargill. They had uninstalled Norton from their computer, and now Word does not work. Joe was out at Tai Chi and was not available to advise him.

Later my brother rang from Wellington. He wanted to know if I wore my arabic scarf as a kaffiyeh to the Desert Dance. I had and the instructions he sent me worked. I hope to nab another photo from this gig and create a second ID icon for my journal.

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