I’m putting on weight again. Not good. I must be getting slack.

Weather muggy, promise of what’s to come.

Archivist away next week to Canberra. We will discuss tomorrow what I can carry on with if I finish the First Church collection while she is away.

Apparently there is a bouncy castle on the First Church grounds at the moment. I met friends coming down Bell Hill. They had been up there because it was one of their children’s birthdays. I was on my way to Otago Church Books. They have moved from Princess Street to upstairs on the the corner of Lower Stuart Street and Moray Place. Nice rooms. I expect the church books part of the store will continue to decline in favour of the Rebound second hand books. I ordered two books while I was there: one for my mother, which they will have to send away for, so she won’t get it straight away; and the other for myself, a commentary on the Gospel of Mark by a friend who died before it could be completed. Now the pre-publication circulars are coming out and I want to make sure I get a copy.

Tessa left the worse of her dags on the carpet. They went outside straight away. Must remember to vacuum at the weekend. She herself has involuntarily gone outside. She started wheazing and I don’t trust pets that do that. Sure sign something is coming up.