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The new video screen is not Panasonic of Borg, it is Sony. It’s about the size of a small stargate, complete with chevrons.

Terry has applied for another position in Wellington. Whether Joe gets the position or not at this stage he is still committed to leaving ‘n Edwin for Wellington. I expect the flat to separate at the end of November. I’m looking for a one bedroom flat for one human and three cats in the Gardens, convenient for access to Opoho Church and the Archives. At this end of the month there is nothing for the price that I would like.

There is a chance that my work at the archives could extend beyond April. I will have to discuss this with the Archivist.

If this goes ahead it marks the end of a household arrangement that I have lived in for the last ten years.

At church Graeme went out six times during the service because of his ‘waterworks’. It feels like he can no longer sit through the whole service (usually an hour and a half in length) and I am cynical. The preacher said that we are dependent on the saint who sits beside us and I heard the Parish Clerk two rows behind me wryly observe, “He has left the room”.

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That’s a reasonable length of time with no update.

Tuesday: made tea; watched Himilaya and Little Britain.

Wednesday: Parish Council. My flatmates have moved my 15′ tv out of the living room and replaced it with Panasonic of Borg.

Thursday: Went to a public lecture: Archive Stories, Archive Fever. It was presented by a visiting American professor. She did not talk about the perspectives of those who work in Archives. She was respectful towards those people and knew the Archivist’s son from when he was studying in midwest America. She spoke about the architecture of power that exists in imperial archives, the Presbyterian Archives has none of those trappings, instead we have books and periodicals that record the histories of the church. The archives staff police what researchers can have access to; we are already conscious of how much and how little we can allow researchers access to. We already preserve the peripheral material that others do not: the cloths and ephemera of church history. The archives place no boundaries on what is historical record.

I would like to read the text of the lecture so that I can appreciate the thinking behind it fully. It was compact.

Afterwards I visited Harry for a game of Grave Robbers from Outer Space. We competed for the most points to create the movie The Bloody Night of My Girlfriend’s Revenge.

New books: I finally have a copy of TY Persian. It’s a recent copy, paperback with the blue cover. I amn’t complaining because it is the original text from 1961. As well, Scribes had War in Heaven the third book of A Requiem for Homo Sapiens, so it completes this series for me. From OC Books I bought my copy of Mark of a non-realist, a commentary on the Gospel of Mark written by the late Very Reverend Doctor Ian Cairns. From what I’ve read so far I don’t think I’m a non-realist. I still believe in the Out-There Man, even if he may only be a symbol or a metaphor.

This weeks comic stash:

Hero #21: dammit! The penultimate issue. I wish I started picking this one up earlier. Trade Paperback! Trade Paperback!

Labour Weekend

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Heh! I have added a couple of names to my friends list recently and I have noticed that they have reciprocated. Awefully decent of them. *Waves*

I have benefitted from a long weekend with an extra day off work. Labour Day in New Zealand is essentially a celebration of the freedom to take time off work.

I visited the university library on Saturday. While I had the time to sit down and take some notes from books it is just on exam time and I had to wander around a bit to find somewhere to sit.

Church on Sunday. I think Graeme was hoping to pick up more shinies from the gift stall for the concert we had. That was a week ago and it has since been packed away. He is an unhappy man, he is fifty years old and the intellectually handicapped physically deteriorate very quickly. We pray, still god does not give him a new body. When he wanted to go to the toilet in the middle of the sermon I did not accompany him, instead he went off by himself.

Visited Harry in the afternoon for a session of Majellan. In the evening we started a game of Lord of the Rings Risk. It turns out to be a four player game only. Instead we chose Settlers of Catan.

It was nice to have another sleep-in on Monday. The gym was open and I took the opportunity to grab another workout early in the week. Finished Darkness, I by Tanith Lee in the afternoon. It’s been ten years since that book. Is she going to write book four in the Blood Opera Sequence? Afterwards I decided the day was fine enough for a walk through the gardens in the late afternoon.

Bought tickets to visit Wellington for Christmas. I will leave on the 22nd and return on New Year’s Day. I will have to make arrangements for the cats during the time that I am away. Must ask dryad for suggestions. Joe is looking for job opportunities in Wellington. I think it is likely that our household will break up if that happens. If so I would like to find a place for myself and my cats. I should be okay until my work finishes at the Archives in April. If nothing comes up after that I may have to leave Dunedin myself – either to return to Invercargill or go to Wellington as well and move into my brother’s computer room.

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D’oh! I am a dullard.

I had been looking for the recharger for my cell phone. I had been through everything twice and couldn’t find it. Eventually Keith loaned me his because we use the same brands.

While I was reading before I went to sleep I suddenly pictured where I last had it. I had taken it to Christchurch with me in case I had needed to recharge my cell phone while I was there. It was the last thing that I hadn’t unpacked. I got up and checked my bag.

There it was.

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The nomination committee met last night and decided to ask a possible candidate to a meeting. We will hear soon if it goes ahead. Our nominator has told us another candidate has forwarded a CV.

150 pillow slips have gone missing from the laundry at Knox College. It sounds to me as if residents who are not returning are stocking up to furnish their flats for next year. The Master has declared the practice to be immoral and illegal.



This week’s comics loot:

Starjammers: I know that Southern Dave likes this one. It’s now over two thirds of the way through. The protagonist has nearly completed his journey from cadet flyboy of the establishment to revolutionary against the system. I suspect that Kevin Anderson suffers from mini-serialitis.

Astro City: A Visitor’s Guide: IMO the buy of the week. A tour guide to Astro City, complete with internally consistant advertisement, and a who’s who of the superhero pantheon.

Hikurangi Sunrise: the first mountain in the southern hemisphere to see the dawn.

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The answer to this week’s quiz on Concert FM. I’m still the only person on Livejournal to list this radio station as an interest.

We tried to get a taxi home from the supermarket. This is the first time that – initially, at least – someone tried to turn us down because we were not students. I’m not impressed with that. I might have to make inquiries.

At this stage I can’t get to Wellington for Christmas on minimum flybuys points. I bought a ticket from the Air New Zealand Office in town instead. I expected that by the time I had got enough points for the next level of tickets they would no longer be available as well.

Archivist back from Service Team Leaders Meeting in Wellington today. She seems to be in a better frame of mind than when she left.

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I rang Flybuys on their freephone number. There is no minimum points seats available for travelling in the week before Christmas. My brother suggests using my points to fly from Christchurch. I’m tempted to go into Air New Zealand and book a ticket with them. Their economy seats were $120 when I visited them on Friday. If I’m very good maybe I can still get one.

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