First the network connection went down, then Xtra sent me unsolicited mail about broadband, then my proxy settings started playing up. I think that there is a conspiracy here.

This cold spell has reminded me of one thing. This house is cold and drafty! A good reason to move. There was snow down to Brockville this morning. Fortunately the visiting minister from Auckland left the South Island yesterday, so the weather should improve now. Please!

I visited Harry last night. We had great fun introducing a new player to Grave Robbers from Outer Space, and I won! The first game I’ve won in ages! Yay!

Probably time I did a comics update:

Adam Strange an enjoyable piece of whimsy, good writing and art.
Amazing Fantasy better than some recent issues. I found the mangaesque art portraying the ghost of the dead mother a bit cloying.
Amazing Spiderman the story moves on, which is good. I see the character of Sarah (Osborn?) Stacy is establishing herself in other comic titles relating to Spiderman.
Astonishing Xmen well written and twisty. Whedon has a feel for the characters he’s writing. The art is good.
Doctor Spectrum nice, dark, but doing nothing that the more compact Supreme Power title has already done.
Escapist overpriced, still a nice wonder through a pseudohistory of the comicbook hero artform.
Hero this series finishes in an epic style that doesn’t feel rushed. I liked the final splashpage.
New Invaders the fourth issue and the first that I’ve picked up, mostly characters from WWII comics in the Marvel Universe picking up on their storylines. No easy characterisation by numbers being done here. Honorable guffaw goes to the Blazing Skull toasting a marshmellow.
Rising Stars interesting, bit of a talkie.
Starjammers this one felt like a rushed wrap-up issue. Sorry, I found Kevin Anderson’s writing bland.
Strange slow, good storytelling.