The Earthdawn group met on Friday night. My orkish scout managed to fall out of a tree rescuing a windling stuck in a squirrel’s nest. I stuffed her in a pack and left her there. With the socks. Suspicion is growing that one reoccuring NPC is not entirely what he claims to be. We finished early after TK left to stack shelves. A decision was made to move our sessions to a Sunday evening. In hindsight I realise that it makes my Sunday busy, along with church in the morning and a Majellan session every odd afternoon. Wibble.

On top of that Max and Anna have invited me to join their GURPS game. That will meet on a Thursday. I will have to give up on my games night with Harry and company. It looks set to go ahead.

Keith thinks I should run a session of D&D while Dave is in Dunedin to introduce him to the game. I think I could cobble something together if I tried.

Saturday night I went with the Dwyers to the Saxman’s end-of-year gig on the theme of the Olympics. We sat separately from the Riddlers and their circle. It meant I didn’t get up and dance as often as I liked. I generally prefer to dance in a group than with a partner. Before supper I had crossed the floor to join them. Richelle la Chatte was there with her new dance partner and a troop from Ceroc. Beautiful people and beautiful dancing. Whenever I see a new dance form I’m tempted to learn it.

We left after supper before the final bash on the dance floor began.

I expect that swordsman and the ribbon gymnast will visit sometime to take Bagend away.

The Nominator preached at church today. In a meeting after the service the congregation voted to extend a call to the Rev. Susan Jones, formally minister of Knox Church in Dunedin to be the next minister of Opoho parish. The parish clerk and myself will convey the call to Presbytery in two weeks time. There were a handful of ballots cast against calling this minister to Opoho.