My weight appears to have stabilised. I will have to talk to the people at the gym about doing a fitness test.

I took the opportunity for a trip to Warrington. Well worth it. Even though I didn’t venture out into the breakers, like some of the others, it is still too cold for me. It was still a pleasure to wade out into the water. The sting of the wind, the tingling caress of ten thousand grains of sand moving in the wash. It brought back memories. Not even the inrush of the scotch mist was enough to entice me out of the water. I was already wet.

Hello Ocean, great mother.

Afterwards the families I went out with divided up into teams of boys and fathers for a game of touch rugby. It is odd to think that that company of men are my equals in age (maybe a little older). I find it strange to think there are people starting families who are younger than me.

What the fathers lacked in youthful vigour they made up in teamwork.

Rain, hail, thunder and lightning. All within five minutes. While I was walking up hill home from the archives.