This week I heard that the founder of my spiritual lineage is noted for marrying a fifteen year old when he was fifty-nine. Rumour has it he fancied her mother.

I was invited out to attend a morning tea for Volunteer Day on behalf of Friend-Link. Despite a speech from the mayor there were also blueberry muffins, toasted cheese rolls and little pies. I met one person from church who volunteered for the Hospice. As well I caught up with a woman, Nikki Harper, whom I hadn’t seen for several years. Initially I didn’t recognise her. She has let her hair grow out and it is a different colour to what I remember. She has finished her Master’s and works in Dunedin. Her son is leaving highschool. During living her Master’s she volunteered for Riding for the Disabled as an outlet into the wider world.

A young man who attends the Earthdawn sessions at the weekend has left a suicide note on his livejournal. I understand that police and ambulance have been called in.

Ah, lord IO, have mercy.

I don’t advise suicide. It hurts the wrong people. While there are ethical arguments for suicide I want the satisfaction of seeing the look in the other’s eye if I’m going down.