I walked into town in the morning to get some money out the ATM and buy Dave a newspaper. I decided while I was there I would walk a block further and ask at Nexus if they could order the card game Grave Robbers from Outer Space. It’s high on my list of favourite games. It turned out to be the only time that the shop has been closed on a Saturday morning ‘for personal reasons’.

Harry has been planning an ’80s Gothic Desert Evening’. It will be fun. For me it will be an excuse to wear my cassock and Geneva gown again. The organisation fell through for this weekend. Instead I visited after tea. There a few of us enjoyed cake and red wine. The second season of Spaced was playing on the DVD player. I didn’t watch this series when it was on tv. It’s rather fun. There were a lot of little geeky references about a group of people sharing semi-detached flats in London. The blokes’ pretend Peckenpah gunfight in the flat living area deserves special mention.

The hobbit recommends.