Sunday afternoon, Joe and I went into town for the Santa Parade. We there there early, before the starting time of three o’clock. It didn’t start until twenty past the hour, I don’t think it was as late as half past the hour. Note to self, don’t worry about being late for the Santa Parade. They’ll probably wait. Most of the floats were familiar. I don’t think I saw the “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” float for a couple of years, it must have been unmothballed this year. The two upright penguins floats looked like daleks without plungers and whisks. I liked the two seal cars that squirted fine jets of water into the crowds. There had to some concession for the drivers who wore albatrosses on their heads. Then there is the flapping wing albatross plane. It’s too big to be warn as a hat. It’s a perennial favourite of mine because the hatch is at the back. The parade is fun to heckle.

We came home early. I wanted to go to the service of licensing at Dunedin South Church (St. James). One of the members of Opoho Parish who has been studying for ministry was one of two people from Dunedin Presbytery being licensed for ministry in the Presbyterian church. Early in 2005 she is leaving Dunedin to go to Hutt City parish in Lower Hutt, in the North Island. I proceded into the church with the members of Presbytery who were attending. There were twelve people who had come out from Opoho, and they all went forward to congratulate Rev. Hana Popea-Mauigoa and offer her the hand of fellowship. The service was interesting. The parish is committed to supporting their local community, the church was full of young people, the intellectually and physically handicapped, and low income people from the community. While the church provides a Sunday meal and transport for the community, it is remarkable how many people were present to participate in the worship service.

Dave has left for Invercargill. We have not moved. I will have to decide whether we want to move before the next winter is upon us.