We watched Dave’s DVD of Doctor Who and the Pyramids of Mars while he was here. A show noticeable for using acting and theatre to convince the viewer that imaginary monsters exist, and they can be defeated.

I hear that some members of Tolkiendom are upset with Peter Jackson because the extended release of The Return of the King shows Eowyn being healed by Aragorn, but not Faramir and Merry. I can’t get myself excited by it. Especially since the news is passed on to me by Angry of Mayfair. I am glad to hear that Jackson has inserted a scene showing Faramir and Eowyn together in the Houses of Healing (my favourite chapter).

Besides Merry’s healing scene essentially consists of:
Merry: Oh, no, I’ve lost my pipe.
Strider: Merry, you are a silly soldier. EXIT STRIDER
Pippin: Merry, you dumbcluck, your pipe is sitting on your pack beside you.

Report of fire in a turkish restaurant in town.

Room 1 above the archives at Knox College, a lecture room, is being renovated in preparation for next year. There was an emergency when a pipe was accidently cut into and lukewarm water flooded into the archives stack downstairs. Most of the material that was wetted was not a high priority for preservation. The hardest job was splashing around in the sheen of water on the floor to move boxes affected with wet bottoms.