New Zealand’s most famous immigrant, of recent times, Ahmed Zaoui, has been released on bail into the cure of the Dominican Friars of Auckland. And in Wellington the Civil Union Bill has now been passed into law. Brian Tamaki, the Apostolic Proton of the Destiny Church, claims that there will be a reckoning at the next election for the goverment. Somehow I don’t think so.
I played GURPS with Max and Anna. Scenario so far: Ganson, the peasant boy, wants to marry Hildara, the merchant’s daughter, even though their respective families are opposed to the idea. We have a plan. We will pre-empt a raid of flying ships on the town, and in the confusion, abduct the lovers to the next town where they can be married. Then their families will have to accept the fait accompli. Yes, I know that it is a damned stupid plan!
Too many late nights and early mornings meant that I fell asleep during part of the game.