I have said goodbye to two people this weekend. One of the staff in the Hewitson Wing visited the archives on Friday an hour before he flew out of New Zealand for three weeks in London and Rome. As he recently had heart surgery and his wife has cancer this may be one of the last times they will travel together. Another friend was working her second last shift in the 24-hour shop in town. She is expecting the birth of her Christmas baby sometime this month. Maybe sometimes the good and the bad balance out.

I visited Nexus Games at the weekend and ordered Grave Robbers from Outer Space. It should arrive late in December. I will pay for it when I return to Dunedin. I dragged Joe into town and we chose calendars for Christmas presents. It has been a tradition of mine for a long time to buy calendars for family. Joe leaves for Invercargill tomorrow. I will go down next weekend.

Church on Sunday was the end of year celebration for the Sunday School. Graeme has hurt his back and couldn’t sit comfortably during the service. He was continually shifting in the pew.