The archivist has returned from a weeklong visit to Auckland. She is pleased with herself. There are people on the Presbyteries up there who are friendly towards the archives. If their records are going to be deposited in Dunedin they want the archives kept in good health.

Joe has left for Invercargill. I will join him down there for a pre-Christmas Christmas with our family. Then I will return to ‘n Edwin to fly to visit my brother in Wellington.

One goes, one arrives. Equivalance!

Time for Comics update:

Amazing Spiderman: end of the Sins Past arc. Nobody walks away intact. Two new characters are added to the Spiderman Mythos. While their origin is controversial, their characters are established – until somebody rewrites it.
Supreme Power: dark story on adult issues; nothing more to add to that.
Amazing Fantasy: next year this title changes to Araña, so if Bag End Comics fails to pull this one for me I won’t miss it.
Alpha Flight: I missed an issue of this, which makes the current story _slightly_ confusing. I think I saw somewhere that issue #12 will conclude this run.

The Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye
This one deserves a paragraph.

One of the tv series that I remember from my youth was Survivor. Not the crappy reality show, it was a British series. It played a little later on tv. I was allowed to stay up for it. The premise was that an artificial disease had been carried around the world causing a pandemic that killed millions of people. The series did not deal with the deaths. Instead it focused on the handfuls of people who through isolation or immunity survived the holocaust. They had to live together and rebuild a society, starting with who plants next year’s food, and who has enough guns to ensure this group can harvest it. I think there were only a few episodes of this series that I missed.

The Walking Dead is essentially Survivor with zombies instead of microbes.

A cop is wounded in a shootout. 28 days later he wakes up in an abandoned hospital. An outbreak of zombies means that the living are mostly eaten. American society has collapsed. The survivors are those who fled before hand. Officer Rick Grimes, the protagonist, must keep his family and travelling companions alive. No punches are pulled (emotionally at least), and the zombies are prepared to let everything hang out, including body parts. Black and white and graphic.

Since I got my copy first I will take it with me to show Dave. Apparently orders drop off Diamond Distributers after they get older than two months.