Lunchtime today the archives closed for two hours as staff and volunteers trooped down to Filadelfios, the local pizza restaurant. After a meal of pizza, wedges and salad I was feeling that making tea wasn’t going to be high on my agenda for tonight’s activities. In the early evening I went out with Felicity and Robert to Sampan a cheap asian restaurant in town. I decided on something light, a small bowl of noodle soup. Felicity bought me regular sized bowl. Now I’m feeling full again. That clinches it.

While I was waiting on Felicity I rang to enquire about a house to let in North East Valley. $75 dollars a week per room, 3 double sized bedrooms, working burner in the kitchen, very tempting. It’s not available until the start of February so it might be worth looking into in January when we have a full quota in our flat again.