IJzeren Jan has sent me a recent word to tell me that there is a serious fallout between two people in the Conculture list. Even though I am not active on that list he has kept me in the loop over this issue because it involves lla Sociedad di’ll Bethisad.

Non-Non‘s three year old step-son is starting kindergarten next year for two afternoons a week. He’s a big boy now. His father works at the archives. He remained serious when I told him the good news. There were other people in the room at the time, and Non-Non’s family is family in the alternative sense.

I sat through a twenty minute rant about what Peter Jackson did wrong on the Return of the King. After it was finished I found that I had to unclench my teeth.

I went into the museum gift shop and bought a novelty Christmas present for my brother in Invercargill. I haven’t found anything for my t’other brother in Wellington. I’m going to visit him after I’ve been to Invercargill at the weekend.

One last visit to Bag End for the year. I picked up the latest issues of Doctor Spectrum and Rising Stars. Michael was deep in conversation with a customer re: Marvel versus DC characters. Comic book fans can be very sad that way. I didn’t get the chance to wish Michael season’s greetings. The first thing to do next year when I visit Bag End is ask him to reserve a copy of volume two of The Walking Dead for me.

While I was there I took a punt and put my name down for The Atheist. The series is about a sceptical investigator in a comic book universe who won’t believe in paranormal phenomena until he meets it. The creative team describe it as like Doctor Who only serious. Do they realise what they have let themselves in for!?

People are starting to finish at the gym for the year. I go in for my last day on Friday.