One of the consequences of the flood in the stack was that we uncovered boxes of the Knox College Register, a hard-covered volume that lists the residents of the college between 1909-1972. When I saw them I was tempted to leave them sitting in the water. They were, in my opinion, not worth saving. Still they were moved and the books were undamaged.

I decided that it was a good excuse to remove them from the archives and dispose of them in the residential wing of the college. I piled seven boxes on a trolley and took them to the foyer of the college office wing. Minutes after I returned to archives the archivist received an irate phone call from a staff member in the residential college. Moving the books across the quad without consulting a staff member proved to be pre-emptive. It was imperially demanded of us that I remove them again. There was no space for them in the college and the thirty year old boxes they were stored in looked untidy in the foyer.

I was rather coldly thanked, that it was nice of me to take the boxes away. I did not like this. What really rankles is this little toad has dreams of becoming the next archivist after Yew Tree Woman retires in a few years’ time. I am less than sympathetic to that idea.

The books have been stored in the archway room off the Hewitson Library. I actually enjoyed lugging each box up the stairs, while I’m physically fit enough to do it without being burdened. We cleaned the stack after the flood today as my last day activity before the holidays. Two more boxes were discovered! My suggestion is that when the furnaces start at the beginning of the college year the boxes and their contents be used as fuel. There will be a new edition prepared for the centenary of the college in 2009.