Holidays have begun.

I’ve been to my last day at the archives for the year; and to my last session of GURPS. We didn’t go through with our crazy fool plan. Instead we got Garset apprenticed to a knight, Lord Saren. Then a riot broke out in the town we were in and we had an exciting fight scene broke out. We had the Axe-Man along to heckle – I think he’s feeling socially deprived at the moment – and he proved helpful when it came to refering the GURPS Character book.

I stopped at our local fish’n’chip shop on the way home from town and it had closed for the holidays. Fortunately Keith rang from town when I got home and he could get tea from a chippie closer to town.

Okay, I should be leaving on the Catch-a-Bus to Invercargill in half an hour. I’ll stay the weekend with Dave and see my family for a pre-Christmas Christmas Party. This could be my penultimate clog entry for the year depending when I get access to a terminal from now on.

This rain at this time of year is just wrong.