It was strange walking into town today. There were all these people doing their shopping. I’ve got one of my Christmas journeys out of the way and these people are involved with last days preparations. It felt disconcerting.

There are two lifts in the parking building of which the YFitness gym is part. They stop at alternative floors as the stair well goes up flight by flight. This is confusing for people unfamiliar with the building as they cannot enter on the Octagon level from the centre of town to take the lift to the Moray Place level, the circle road that surrounds the Octagon. They have to take at least one flight of stairs.

I forgot to take my shaving gel with me to Invercargill which meant before church on Sunday I had to dry shave, not pleasant.

I showed the computers in Invercargill to Joe. He did not recommend them. He suggested that Tim would be better off getting a Dell from the Werehouse; or an HP from Griffler Enterprises.

One of the schools that has closed in Invercargill is the one where a tree was planted as a memorial to my twin brother who worked there as a teacher’s aide before he died of cancer. I have been given a copy of the newspaper article from the Southland Times.

One of the people with whom I travelled back to Dunedin was my mother’s 13 year old neighbour. He proved to be an enthusiastic talker and very friendly company.