Epiphany 4

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One of the members of Opoho drew for the children a picture of the kingdom of heaven, including all their suggestions: god and Jesus, gates, angels, saints, the dead, and pets. Apparently heaven is such a wonderful place that animals that are recycled and sent on ahead cause no problems when they get there. It wouldn’t be heaven otherwise. These things can be found in the conscious world. Heaven is bigger than a picture for children.

Graeme is having trouble with his temper at home. I suspect that he is very easy to tease.

Sunday afternoon I visited Harry and our group decided on a game of Titan. It proved to be a marathon effort. After I had been knocked out the game twice in two different colours I decided to sit back and watch. There were still players in the game when I left. It had turned into a game of attrition by this stage where turn a player would attempt to take down one of another player’s parties of adventurers.

Very dry in the archives now. We are all drinking lots of water.

I fear that another priority I will have to face soon is replacing the lenses in my glasses. They are becoming scratched and corregated. Over long distances they are fine, over short distances I risk losing focus.

Happy Birthday zargoff

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I got into town on Saturday morning and drew a cheque from the bank for the Open Polytechnic. It almost cleared out my savings account. It was posted soon after and will be collected from the post box at one o’clock on Sunday – which is later than I hoped. I managed to leave my lovely new hat in the bank and had to go back for it.

I was very lazy for the rest of the day until dryad took me out to Sanctuary for David’s birthday. They have two lovely birman kittens whom dryad is raising to be indoor cats. Their names are Coffee and Cream. Two white balls of fur with china blue eyes. They were the highlights of the evening.

A barbecue had been planned. This was moved indoors after mist from the sea rolled inland and deleted Blue Teal Bay. Before tea I walked outside on their land. It was lush with wild grass waiting to be indwelled with imaginary kingdoms. Some of the eucalyptes I helped plant there a summer or more ago are still growing. They are at various stages. Some rising out of the grass, others are biding their time.

i over-indulged on sausages for tea. It left me heavy and restless over night, interrupted by my cats venturing in and out. It was a happy price to pay for good company, good conversation, catching up with friends I only see occasionally, and two glasses of hrafn‘s roseate wine.

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I sat in the quad at Knox College several times this week. I was reminded why the Archives staff don’t join with the residential staff at those times. Not only do they expect us to pay through the nose for the catering, but it felt like being on an episode of Coronation Street. They were still having the same conversation I had sat in on a month or two earlier. *shudder*

I have heard several people say that Dunedin is too small a city. Everyone knows the other. Spit out the window and it is liable to swing around the corner and come back at you. Today I was caught up in a story that revealed this problem is all too true.

Nearly completed my application to the Open Polytechnic. I need to get a cheque from the bank to pay for my fees. I hope to do that on Saturday morning so that the application doesn’t linger.

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I went looking for things this week. Both things took an hour to hunt through my room. I couldn’t find my student ID cards. I think I should have several. Perhaps I threw them out when I shifted flats. I think I found my National Qualification number on an old form from university so I listed that on my application form to the Open Polytechnic. Looking for my birth certificate took my equally as long on another night. I eventually found it in a box of papers I had already looked through once. After that I stopped looking.

Children discover it first because children are born first.


After a disappointing summer Dunedin is having a spell of summer before the onset of autumn. Note the glorious sunsets. The morning sun is not hitting my curtains until after seven o’clock now. The cats have been basking in their dustbath like savannah predators. One of the regulars turned up at the gym as red as an Englishman. He had spent saturday in the garden. He positively glowed.

On the weird front this is a map of the world as the Pentagon see it. The functioning core are the nations committed to market-led democratic government. The non-integrating gap are the elements who would destroy that system. Yes, really!

I told Yew Tree Woman about how the Swedish nation is blaming their government for the death of 2000 citizens from the Boxing Day tsunami. It is the role of government to protect its citizens and here it has failed. (At this stage of human evolution I think any government would have failed.) The Swedish opposition are having a field day. She observed that it sounds like the way the American people felt about their government after the fall of the World Trade Towers. ‘Aorta’ have done more! as Afferbeck Lauder would say. (If you don’t understand that then you haven’t read Let Stalk Strine.

She told me the story that she was standing at the lights while in town. While she was waiting for the lights to change a red convertible with the hood down drove past. It was driven by a couple of bright young twentysomethings, a blonde and a brunette, dressed in halters and sunglasses (as much as she could see). They were flicking their head back in the breeze and one was leaning on her door, talking on her cellphone. After this vision of the aliens from adland had gone past she burst out laughing. She apologised to the young man standing beside her. It was just her weird sense of humour. The young man sympathised; he thought that they had looked like a couple of pricks.

On that note.

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Observant readers will have noted that there is one more person monitoring my blog by RSS feed than I knew about. I wonder if there are any more.

Looked out two flats yesterday. Both had been taken. *sigh*

Two more books from the library. The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fford and The Last Light of the Sun by Guy Gavriel Kay. The first is proving to be amusing. I should stop reserving books for a couple of weeks now I have enough to read.

From my own book shelves I have finished The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman. It can be listed on my catalogue and go among my sorted books. I have pulled Doubts and Loves by Richard Holloway. I picked it up at Assembly last year and read a few chapters. My feeling is that I won’t find it as good as his earlier Godless Morality.

Coming Home Again!


Wikis are vulnerable to spammers. The Bethisad Wiki is spammed daily and it is a pain to be constantly despamming it. Especially since it is part of a shared world project it is of little interest to the general web surfer. In one case I unclugged one page, went away for a couple of hours, and in that time another member of Ill Sociedad di’ll Bethisad had been in and unspammed it again. That is untolerable!

I have started a new forum for Brithenig on Yahoo! called Sessio Cambriensis dedicated to the discussion of Kemr in Ill Bethisad. Already the group is active and beginning to chat. This should prove interesting as it is the first time I have moderated a group on Yahoo!

Joe instructed me to install aKregator on my linux box and I now have RSS feeds. He set up a sample KDE feed. I found I recognised one of the names on the list: Boudewijn Rempt of the Netherlands. He is a professional translator and conlanger whom I have corresponded with in the past. Within a few minutes I had a feed from his journal, and another for his wife, Irina Rempt. Two new links with conlangers – yay, technology!

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