Brought a replacement pair of shoes. They should last me until the middle of the year and then I can throw them out. Other jobs I need to add to me list is getting a new battery and pouch for my watch; and buying new trousers.

Having time on my hands this week I have updating my projects. Three new Brithenig texts have been written up. They haven’t been posted yet as I notice that I’m missing one word: brittle, as in ‘brittle bones’. Maybe I will get all my updates to Introduction to Brithenig posted by the weekend.

I went looking for my old Degboek and it took me half an hour to find it. It turned up in the bookcase in the living room. As a result I found one hat that I thought I had lost, a brimless gray cap with embroidery and gold braid on the flap. It’s a cute hat, but it’s too impractical and gaudy to wear.

Finished the last of the protein shake that Nick gave me. He didn’t want it because it’s vanilla and he prefers the chocolate (I’m the reverse). I tempted to buy some more because it makes a good meal substitute. I visited the supermarket. They have the same brand, but not that label.