The word for brittle is ffrael. All my Brithenig goodness has been uploaded.

GURPS night last night. We survived the second part of a riot in the mediaeval fantasy town the army of which we were a part was stationed in. We rescued two groups of people. Mace Donaldson, one of our adventurers, went missing. (His player was downstairs taking part in a Masquerade adventure.) It turns out that one of our characters, Johnny Shoemaker is hiding a secret that he can do magic. My character, Sean Foolbold, was weakened during the riot. He lost too many hit points. Sean and Johnny managed to rescue Johnny’s girlfriend Elim, and her drunken father. Unfortunately Sean undid a lot of good by revealing to Elim’s father that she supports him by selling her body.

I’m enjoying this game system. I’m tempted to get the Character and Campaign books so I can adapt fantasy worlds that I created in the past to be played in.

I went with Nicola and Thomas to see The Phantom of the Opera, a film version of the Lloyd Webber musical. I will leave critique of the musical merits of this movie to others with better knowledge of modern musicals than I. My knowledge starts and stops with Les Miserables, which I don’t listen to often these days. Visually the Phantom was superb. It began in black and white, thirty years after the original events. When the chandelier was revealed and illuminated then the theatre was revealed in the extravagant colours of yesteryear. Very Moulin Rouge. When the Ghost first appears in his mask (very handsome) my first reaction was ‘It’s Steerpike!’. The architecture was opulent and larger-than-life: Gotham meets Gormenghast. Very beautiful. I will be recommending this movie.

I had time during the afternoon to buy a calendar for my uncle in Invercargill and some cushions as wedding gifts for my cousin who is marrying next weekend.

Latest news is about the provider of this journal service has been bought out by another company. Every indication seems to be that it will not change the service for what I am using it. I am wondering if I should start keeping copies of my pages anyway.