Summer School has started at Otago University. Keith has classes to attend four days a week at 10 o’clock in the morning. This means I have a flatmate who’s going to be regularly wandering around during my morning time. Between seven and nine each morning I can usually rely on having the house to myself. I can use the bathroom to shave; make breakfast; retreat to my chamber for devotions and relax a bit; finish my toilet; then leave for the archives. Normally in a morning I want to avoid meeting people until I leave home. I want to enjoy that state of mind. So far I can still do the first part, clean up the kitchen, and be out of the kitchen before anyone else is up at eight o’clock.

Keith’s hours are more synchronized with mine than Joe’s at the moment. I like to go to bed between ten and eleven at night, turn off the light about midnight. This means watching DVDs late into the night has been abrogated. Ironically when I bought home Firefly DVDs last year my flatmates stayed up all hours watching them while I stuck to my normal hours. I felt a little like others robbed me of my ‘toys’. Now that the positions are reversed it’s ‘playtime’s over; time for bed’. I’m amused by the observation, I could feel cynical if I wanted to.

People are starting back at the gym now, getting back to pre-Christmas targets. My own levels are nearly back to normal. I’m still a level lower than I was on the stepping machine.

Just heard from my brother in Invercargill. I have to get myself down there for the wedding. Maybe I will take the Knight Rider. It sounds like I will get a ride back on Monday, so I should warn the Archives staff that I will miss a day.