I arrived back in Dunedin with my mother and my brother. We had planned to go to the Albert Arms for lunch, my favourite eating hole in town, and parked on George Street, just beyond First Church. It had been raining all the way from Invercargill. When we got out of the car the rain caught up with us. It fell as a deluge. As we walked to the tavern a blast of wind like a gale came up the street, taking all free-standing shop signs and street umbrellas hostage. My brother and I ducked across the street and stood in the awning outside Governors. It proved to be no refuge. My mother scarpered for the Albert Arms. She was thoroughly drenched and a visit to the Hilary Exhibit at the Dunedin Museum was called off as she wanted to return to Invercargill and change into dry shoes. Eating at the Albert proved yet again to be an enjoyable experience. Pub meals!

I watched the first four episodes of Inuyasha while I was in Invercargill. I’m not a fan of anime – it’s too ‘cutesy’ for my taste – this proved to be as amusing as anything that others have obliged me to plonk myself down in front of a screen to watch.

During the weekend I have been in two ‘cathedral’ churches: First Presbyterian Church and St Mary’s Catholic Basilica. Neither church was in perfect upkeep: both interiors needed their paintwork touched up, especially the basilica. It also needed a damned good dusting. It was black enough to tint the bas-relief and settle on the statues of the saints like an extra cloak.