South Ika a Maui got a little rattled last night when a series of minor earthquakes passed through the area. My family survived, and so did the archivist’s family when I asked her.

I am told that there is no research being done on the single mature male in contemporary society. Coming from a family of them I think it is an interesting subject. The first marriage involving a male coscendent of my generation happened at age 47. I know several more outside of my family as well.

I placed some holds on books at the Dunedin Public Online Catalogue. The email notifying that the holds were ready came through today. When I went to collect them I found that they were on a shelf available to the public bound in wrappers with personal numbers based on the first three letters of my surname and the last four numbers of my library card. There is no human contact involved at all.

The books: The Year of Our War by Steph Swainston and Bones of the Moon by Jonathan Carroll.