Wellington got rattled again.

I have started playing with a new language, called simply 2.0 until I can discover its true name. It’s an eclectic language borrowing from multiple sources that I’ve been working on for a long time. My current attempt is slow. I don’t know how to create vocabulary for it yet. Still as I work through the text I have in front of me it emerges line by line.

I met with Mike, Max and Anna for GURPS. The adventurers were threatened by soldiers with the army to warn them against causing trouble. We heard them loud and clear. Then we were ordered to scout out an area away from the army were enemy soldiers could be active. We discovered them and fought them in battle. They turned out to be people like ourselves. Maybe we haven’t discovered the whole story. Sean was sent back to get reinforcements to defeat the remainder of the enemy soldiers who were still in the village we discovered them.

I’m still considering buying the GURPS Character and Campaign books.