Wikis are vulnerable to spammers. The Bethisad Wiki is spammed daily and it is a pain to be constantly despamming it. Especially since it is part of a shared world project it is of little interest to the general web surfer. In one case I unclugged one page, went away for a couple of hours, and in that time another member of Ill Sociedad di’ll Bethisad had been in and unspammed it again. That is untolerable!

I have started a new forum for Brithenig on Yahoo! called Sessio Cambriensis dedicated to the discussion of Kemr in Ill Bethisad. Already the group is active and beginning to chat. This should prove interesting as it is the first time I have moderated a group on Yahoo!

Joe instructed me to install aKregator on my linux box and I now have RSS feeds. He set up a sample KDE feed. I found I recognised one of the names on the list: Boudewijn Rempt of the Netherlands. He is a professional translator and conlanger whom I have corresponded with in the past. Within a few minutes I had a feed from his journal, and another for his wife, Irina Rempt. Two new links with conlangers – yay, technology!