After a disappointing summer Dunedin is having a spell of summer before the onset of autumn. Note the glorious sunsets. The morning sun is not hitting my curtains until after seven o’clock now. The cats have been basking in their dustbath like savannah predators. One of the regulars turned up at the gym as red as an Englishman. He had spent saturday in the garden. He positively glowed.

On the weird front this is a map of the world as the Pentagon see it. The functioning core are the nations committed to market-led democratic government. The non-integrating gap are the elements who would destroy that system. Yes, really!

I told Yew Tree Woman about how the Swedish nation is blaming their government for the death of 2000 citizens from the Boxing Day tsunami. It is the role of government to protect its citizens and here it has failed. (At this stage of human evolution I think any government would have failed.) The Swedish opposition are having a field day. She observed that it sounds like the way the American people felt about their government after the fall of the World Trade Towers. ‘Aorta’ have done more! as Afferbeck Lauder would say. (If you don’t understand that then you haven’t read Let Stalk Strine.

She told me the story that she was standing at the lights while in town. While she was waiting for the lights to change a red convertible with the hood down drove past. It was driven by a couple of bright young twentysomethings, a blonde and a brunette, dressed in halters and sunglasses (as much as she could see). They were flicking their head back in the breeze and one was leaning on her door, talking on her cellphone. After this vision of the aliens from adland had gone past she burst out laughing. She apologised to the young man standing beside her. It was just her weird sense of humour. The young man sympathised; he thought that they had looked like a couple of pricks.

On that note.