I got into town on Saturday morning and drew a cheque from the bank for the Open Polytechnic. It almost cleared out my savings account. It was posted soon after and will be collected from the post box at one o’clock on Sunday – which is later than I hoped. I managed to leave my lovely new hat in the bank and had to go back for it.

I was very lazy for the rest of the day until dryad took me out to Sanctuary for David’s birthday. They have two lovely birman kittens whom dryad is raising to be indoor cats. Their names are Coffee and Cream. Two white balls of fur with china blue eyes. They were the highlights of the evening.

A barbecue had been planned. This was moved indoors after mist from the sea rolled inland and deleted Blue Teal Bay. Before tea I walked outside on their land. It was lush with wild grass waiting to be indwelled with imaginary kingdoms. Some of the eucalyptes I helped plant there a summer or more ago are still growing. They are at various stages. Some rising out of the grass, others are biding their time.

i over-indulged on sausages for tea. It left me heavy and restless over night, interrupted by my cats venturing in and out. It was a happy price to pay for good company, good conversation, catching up with friends I only see occasionally, and two glasses of hrafn‘s roseate wine.