One of the members of Opoho drew for the children a picture of the kingdom of heaven, including all their suggestions: god and Jesus, gates, angels, saints, the dead, and pets. Apparently heaven is such a wonderful place that animals that are recycled and sent on ahead cause no problems when they get there. It wouldn’t be heaven otherwise. These things can be found in the conscious world. Heaven is bigger than a picture for children.

Graeme is having trouble with his temper at home. I suspect that he is very easy to tease.

Sunday afternoon I visited Harry and our group decided on a game of Titan. It proved to be a marathon effort. After I had been knocked out the game twice in two different colours I decided to sit back and watch. There were still players in the game when I left. It had turned into a game of attrition by this stage where turn a player would attempt to take down one of another player’s parties of adventurers.

Very dry in the archives now. We are all drinking lots of water.

I fear that another priority I will have to face soon is replacing the lenses in my glasses. They are becoming scratched and corregated. Over long distances they are fine, over short distances I risk losing focus.