“Schools should be conservative institutions, intent on imparting the tradition that has developed so far; universities should be radical institutions, intent on interrogating the tradition and moving it further. Liberals often fail to make this distinction in their theory of education, and try, too quickly, to bring young people to the questioning of traditions they have not yet understood. We need subversives who have mastered the tradition so thoroughly that they know instinctively that it must be constantly challenged if it is not to become lazy and oppressive.” (Doubts and Loves: What is Left of Christianity by Richard Holloway, p. 187)

Presbytery began the year with a communion service. The memory of god tasted sweet and rich. Then it got down to business. The presbytery of North Otago was also in attendence and should be again over the next couple of years until Assembly decides to unite both presbyteries. There was even an elder present who had come from Otematata. The combined meeting got through one piece of business on its agenda. It was a long and laborious sederunt, and it was not going to have time with a second piece of contentious business. My sympathy to the moderatrix.