Yay! Despite Christmas I am lighter by 60 grammes since I last weighed myself at the end of November.

The Enrollment Section of the Open Polytechnic rang me at work this morning. For the requirements of my application to their Diploma course I needed to get my birth certificate notarised by a Justice of the Peace or a Principal and mail it to them. I made a photocopy and visited Keith’s mother, who is a JP, at the Music Department on the edge of the Otago University Campus. She looked at the copy and the orginal, signed and dated the copy, and I have put the copy in the post.

I saw Thomas as I was on my way to the gym. He was not having a good day, beginning with missing the bus, losing his wallet and his cards, and discovering that he won’t get connected to the internet at home for another 10 working days. At least he has a lot of time on his hands for reading. Lots of hugs to Thomas.