For cruise liner tourists visiting a town is a distraction from the indolence of travel. Maybe they will get out and walk up and down the main street, but they have no intention to see what a town has to offer. So in Dunedin they ignore the museum, the art gallery, the Gardens, the Victorian architecture. Bingo? Anyone?

Stormbreaker: disappointing. I think Beta Ray Bill can disappear off my list of interesting characters as no creator can write him interestingly.

Elric: graphic novel from First Comics. The first of P. Craig Russell’s adaptions. The art isn’t fully matured, still worth looking at. Ornate and beautiful. Russell is moving on to adapting Conan the same way. Utter drool!

The New Invaders: USAgent is still being written as Captain America’s darkside – scary.

Araña: I had hoped that Bag End wouldn’t pull this comic for me now it has changed titles. Oh, well. I’m not familiar with Latino culture so I don’t get the Latina references. The Order of the Spider/Order of the Wasp conflict doesn’t interest me. The last couple of pages, Anya and her father sitting down for a meal, I enjoyed the most.

We3: a Vertigo mini-series that I liked. A three-parter, I’m missing issue .002, I enquired at Bag End to see if they could get it for me as the story worked so well. Three cute animals, a rabbit, a cat and a dog, common pets, are modified as super-soldiers in a government project. They go AWOL. Chaos ensues. The story works, written by Grant Morrison, because the animals act according to type while also being armoured killing machines. A modern morality tale. A lot is left unstated.

Amazing Spider-Man: nice use of Uncle Ben as an understated fighter and hero. The tweak at DC Comics appears to be causing some controversy. JMS claims he inserted it because their arc title Absolute Power is too imitative of his comic title Supreme Power

The fact that the Supreme Power characters are JLA wannabes notwithstanding. (Well-written and well-plotted wannabes, mind you.)

My stack of reading material has got down to War in Heaven by David Zindell, the third volume in the trilogy A Requiem for Homo Sapiens. I picked up a second-hand copy of this last year. I’m loving burying myself in his writing style again.