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Saturday night, visited Harry for a Eighties Gothic Desert Evening. It was fun to dress up in black, enjoy deserts and reminisce to 1980s music – that was the decade that formed my musical consciousness. It takes a lot of chocolate cake to get me on a bad trip. I had a leather satchel that was big enough to hold my cassock and geneva gown. I walked around and dressed fully when I arrived: wing-collar shirt, cassock, little red-glass medallion that I bought from the Fairy shop. It is supposed to be a sign of the goddess Brigid. A friend once called it the eye of Sauron – it catches the light very well. If I claim that Brigid=S. Brigid then I could claim that I belong to the Brigittine Order. People were impressed with my kit. The cassock came from a clean-out at church; the gown was given to me by a eighty year old women who is slowly going senile. One person was envious that I got the gown for free. Other seriously wants a cassock of his own. I hope one day to wear this kit to a Resurrection.

Church on Sunday; Graeme good. The last sunday under the old ministry as our new minister will be inducted this week. That is something to which to look forward and participate. One of our older emeriti preached on the liturgical texts for Waitangi Day. Texts that he preached were chosen to show that for the christian nationhood is not founded on material values, instead of following the way of god. The service went plainly until towards the end one gentlewoman suffered a collapse from the heat and with breathing problems. An ambulance was called and she was taken away to hospital.

Since the daily liturgy readings include the gospel of Mark I have taken Mark of a Non-Realist from the shelves to read in accompaniment.

I considered going into town to see the celebration for the weekend opening of the library. I chose not to, sitting down reminded me that I was tired from a late night, and visited Harry for more cake. We watched Matrix: Revolutions and skipped over the boring final conflict between Neo and Smith. The Oracle is correct. Neo is not the One. He is someone who could have been the One. A false messiah, still someone on the path of the hero. The One is yet to come. He is someone who allowed a truce between the conflict between the humans and the machines. What happens next?

Three of us played a game of Illuminati. I should realise any game is going to take up a couple of hours and allow for that. We finished in time for the new season of Top Gear.